Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz Unisex

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Size: 3.4 oz
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Liquides Imaginaires is a French Artistic Niche brand founded by Philippe di Meo.

Les Eaux Sanguines Collection

This trilogy of fragrances draws its inspiration from holy wines. Perfume, like wine, is a blend and the best are created through human expertise and nature’s nurture. These liquids flow through the veins of imaginary characters, the embodiments of modern heroes.

Luxury Niche Perfumery

Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa Eau de Parfum is a fragrance for women and men.

Experience the Enchanting Scent of Dom Rosa

Experience the enchanting scent of Dom Rosa - a beguiling scent that features champagne sparkling notes, adding a touch of effervescent magic to its already enchanting aroma. Inspired by the queen of flowers, this seductive fragrance captures the magic and beauty of the Rose, with fruity and woody notes that evoke the tranquil vineyards and chalky soil where it grows.

Nurtured by angels in heavenly gardens, I am the universal symbol of earthly and celestial love. The queen of flowers, I was chosen to crown winners and honor the dead, that is my fate. You admire me for my beauty, without knowing my silent secret. I was created to enchant. My short life is a game of seduction, of sentimental bonds. My beauty is a beguiling trap that you cannot live without. The magical elixir of Cleopatra or thrown into the wind by Botticelli, I am the Rose. I am beautiful and mortal. Lying under the sun, I watch over the rows of vines which brush against me. I become intoxicated on the tranquil juice of the sublime grapes that share my chalky bed. With my heart, I give life to delicate fruity notes. I embalm the darkness with my woody base. Yet my uniqueness is an effect stolen from the wine I protect. When the mist rises, I glow, sparkle and shimmer with dew. I own the effervescent magic of champagne, this joyous and mysterious wine for which so little is known of where its bubbles come from. I share my passion for celebrations, the feasts of life and the love of beauty. I am the mistress of transient pleasures...

Olfactory Family

Amber Floral

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes

Champagne accord, grapefruit, pear

Middle Notes

Damascena rose, clove, incense

Base Notes

Woody accord, cedarwood, vetiver, gaiac wood

Additional Information

UPC #:

Release Year: 2013

Type of Fragrance: Eau de Parfum

Fragrance Occasion: Afternoon and Evening

Nose: Sonia Constant

Size: 3.4 oz, 100 ml

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