JUSBOX Feather Supreme Eau de Parfum 2.6 oz For Women

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JUSBOX  Feather Supreme is the sensual and elegant dance of a feather floating in the air, expression of a dreamed-of freedom which is finally achieved. Feather Supreme is the charm of a sublime voice has no limits, moving the soul deeply, revealing the majesty of its intensity. Feather Supreme’s color conveys strong vibrations; it symbolizes empathy and the touching of emotions. Historically linked to feminism, it is an emblem of metamorphosis, freedom of thought and self-realization.

Fragrance Inspiration:

Aretha Franklin’s powerful voice and her iconic figure: a resolute and determined woman who cannot be ignored, a beacon of respect for all women. 

Feather Supreme, like a beautifully scented bunch of flowers, is an embodiment of love for women. Eternal notes of rose express sweetness and delicacy. White flowers reveal an intense, gentle and refined heart. The warm and musky dry down recalls an inborn sensuality and a passionate side which is no longer willing to be hidden.

Top notes: Mandarin, bergamot, apple

Middle notes: Rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and tuberose

Base notes: Patchouli heart, labdanum, musk



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