Spirit of Kings Hadar Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz For Women

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Hadar by Spirit of Kings perfume for men and women‚

Many lifetimes ago, a small kingdom famous for its abundant agriculture and long rivers, was ruled by a wise king. The kingdom majestic mountains shielded it from foreign enemies., and this geography, coupled with the king just policies, allowed its citizens to thrive and prosper. One day, an obviously fraught gaggle of the kingdom senators brought him the terrible news that a massive army of locusts was spreading across neighboring lands and would be taking a week at the most to visit theirs. The senators were of the opinion that a distress call should be sent for the people to harvest what they can before the locusts turn their lands arid and lifeless.

Water notes, lemon

Turkish rose, peony, vanilla, musk


Cashmeran, Haitian Vetiver, cedar, incense

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